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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Iran training Taliban to use surface-to-air missiles

The Washington Examiner is reporting that Iranian military advisors are training Taliban fighters to use surface-to-air missiles against U.S. and its NATO allies in Afghanistan. U.S.-supplied surface-to-air missiles brought the Soviet Union to its knees in Afghanistan, and an introduction of SAM technology onto the battlefield would be a game changer.

Due to Afghanistans rough terrain, coalition forces are dependent on aircrafts to transport troops and supplies. If our primary means of transportation in Afghanistan is compromised, the effect could revolutionize the battlefield in a way very similar to the use of IED's throughout Iraq.

Although the Iranians are training the Taliban to use SAM's, it is unknown if the Taliban has the weapons systems themselves.

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  1. That's something. Comparing Afghanistan to the Bosnian/Serbian conflict, I remember NATO planes being shot down, one or more successful rescues ensued, shortly followed by a tell-all PR book (made me want to be a pilot until I was too tall for the gig). Knowing the difference in the terrain, I can assure you there would be no rescue. Sandy floodplanes below rocky peaks, patrolled by mountain men... with SAM technology on the horizon...

    If this tactic is sucessful even once, I believe it will force an expansion of military presence (at least in technology). I don't like the sound of more justified defense spending.