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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pakistan shares intel with Israel

Although Pakistan does not recognize the existence of the Jewish State, they are willing to share intelligence with it. According to cables uncovered in the most recent Wikileaks document dump, the head of Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence Agency forwarded information on a pending terrorist attack in India to Israel. The attack was intended to attack Israeli targets in India.

[Side note: The ISI is the same Pakistani intelligence agency credited with creating the Taliban and giving continued support to the forces killing American soldiers in Afghanistan]

Pakistan’s warning is surely a sign of good will, but given the country’s high population of Islamist extremists, this disclosure will likely be unwelcomed news in Pakistan. The same cache of leaked documents suggests that Western intelligence agencies are worried about Pakistan’s nuclear program due to the instability of Pakistan’s government (and the chance of an Islamic coup d'etat).

No doubt, this latest leak will be a dangerous embarrassment to Pakistan. The greatest danger for Israel is that this embarrassment will shy the Pakistani’s away from sharing life-saving intel in the future.

It’s for this reason and many, many more, that Wikileaks Founder/Spokesman Julian Assange has been awarded the Andrewbruss.com 2010 Douchbag Of The Year Award.   

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