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Saturday, December 25, 2010

French Technology Seeps Into Iranian Military Machine

Much like the lamp oil in the Hanukkah narrative, Wikileaks recent dump of confidential diplomatic cables seems to be the resource that never runs dry. In a State Department memo obtained legally by andrewbruss.com, it has come to light that French technology sold to China is being delivered to the Islamic Republic for use in infrared sensors.

The French firm Sofradir has been selling cooled and uncooled infrared detectors to Chinese firm Zhejiang Dali Technology Company LTD for incorporation into thermal imaging systems. According to the memo, the State Department believes the Chinese firm is selling the thermal imaging systems to Iranian defense entities. The US fears the technology could increase the threat to the US and its allies in the Gulf region.

American diplomats were requested to make a request of action from their French counterparts.

No sanctions or diplomatic irregularities would prevent trade between French and Chinese companies, but the American request from the French demonstrates the intensity of the conflict between the Islamic Republic and “The Great Satan.” Stuxnet malware is reportedly destroying thousands of nuclear centrifuges. Iranian nuclear scientists are being gunned down in the streets. The Persian economy is under attack from UN sanctions. Russia has refused to sell Iran the advanced S-300 air-defense system, and now technology as common as infrared sensors are being held back from the Iranians.

Most Western thinking would suggest a dethawing of ties would make life for the Islamic Republic much easier, but as the Andrew Bruss of andrewbruss.com, something tells me this is closer to whacking a hornets nest with a wiffle ball bat.

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