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Monday, August 8, 2011

Obama and our Credit Rating: Downgraded

Now the country can have junkyard scraps on its lawn.

People have been asking me all weekend if I think the downgrading of our credit score from AAA to AA+ will impact Obama’s reelection. The short answer is yes, but it doesn’t matter.

People on the right think Obama is an abomination and the lefties consider him to be a serious disappointment… but he will be reelected. Very few people are pleased with the State of the Union or the President’s track record… but he will be reelected. Americans are growing frustrated with Obama’s Afghanistan policy and the pathetic lack of leadership he showed during the crisis to raise the debt ceiling… but he will be reelected.

The simple truth of the mater is it is a rare thing for Presidents to lose their reelection campaigns. It is even more rare during times of war (ask W. about that one).

The opposition is pretty weak. Gingrich is operating like he is on a course of self-destruction. Mitt Romney is unlikely to escape his image as an elitist who made his millions by laying off blue collar workers, and Bachmann, the most energizing figure in the running, will alienate independents with her “Pray the Gay Away” demagoguery.

The real contenders from within the Republican Party are keeping out of the race until 2016 when they won’t have to campaign against a sitting President.

So the economy will continue to slide, body bags will continue to return from Afghanistan, and if the last 3 years (or 3 weeks) are any indicator, this country will still be in for some hard times that are not likely to go away anytime soon. But mark my words: for better or worse, this President will be reelected. 


  1. I agree, as long as the economy improves a bit come November so its not the last thing on people's minds. But what about Tim Pawlenty?

  2. He isn't raising the funds a valid contender should be raising.

  3. I agree - he will get reelected.

    Not that it matters, here is an interesting gallup poll: