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Monday, August 15, 2011

America's Next Top Rock Gods: My Morning Jacket

Hair like this is a requirement to be a Rock God.

I’ve called My Morning Jacket “The Greatest American Rock Band Of Our Time” on more than one occasion and their performance last night in Boston defended the title. Their two-and-a-half hour long performance touched on songs from throughout their decade long career, leaning heavily on their 2011 release, Circuital, performing tracks like “Victory Dance,” “First Light” and “Holding Onto Black Metal.”

In addition to the new tunes, Jim James and his cohorts welcomed opening act Neko Case to the stage for a rendition of “Islands in the Stream” by Dolly Parton. After blowing thousands of minds and eardrums, Jacket ended the night on a high note with “One Big Holiday,” a rifftastic track off 2003’s It Still Moves that every fan has come to expect to hear at a Jacket show.

 I’d love to trail on about the multiple genres they blended, James’ showmanship, or the wonderful crowd who packed the Bank of America Pavilion, but sometimes photographs do the job better than words…

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