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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Disaster Averted?

If I didn't know any better, I'd think he was trying to find his balls.

As of press time, the debt ceiling is expected to be raised in the nick of time and disaster has been averted. But has it? Unemployment is up, consumer confidence is down, we are digging ourselves into a greater pit of debt and our confidence in the government has been buried in a shallow grave alongside other absurdities such as Clear Coke and Green Ketchup.

For the record, economic issues are far from my area of expertise, but as an avid news junkie, I’ve followed this situation enough to know that one of the greatest fears relating to a default is that the Federal Government would see its AAA credit rating downgraded. Raising the debt ceiling and paying our bills will avert this scenario… for now. Plenty of experts predict our credit rating is destined to be downgraded and the robust editorial staff at Not Your Sunday Times is in full agreement.

The most disturbing aspect of this whole situation has been the utter inability of our government to function when the stakes are so high. True, the House of Representatives passed the bill within hours of default, but seeing Congress behave like a stoned philosophy major hammering out his term paper the night before finals does little to instill confidence.

The political deadlock we have seen over the past few months should disturb every American who wants to leave a worthwhile future for his or her grandchildren. President Obama told the country, “Americans voted for a divided government, not a dysfunctional government.” He couldn’t be more right. Too bad he maneuvered himself through this crisis without a semblance of political courage.  

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