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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bristol Palin For President?

How do you spell skank again?

The girl who made Sarah Palin a grandma told E! News she will “probably” run for office someday. "If I saw something that needed to be changed, then I would step up to the plate and do something about it," the ass-backwards abstinence advocate said.

As for her mother? "I think she would be a wonderful president, and I still think that she should run," Bristol said. "She's just so common-sense conservative….just, 'Here's what we've gotta do and this is how we're gonna do it,' and she brings a whole 'nother aspect to politics because she's a mom, because she runs a household, and I just think she's really smart." If being a mom qualifies someone for president, maybe we’ll see Bristol endorse Cindy Sheehan? Unlikely

Just trying to spell check the above paragraph confused Microsoft Word. God Help Us.

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