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Friday, November 19, 2010

Teen's are causing a ruckus!

I attended a public safety meeting at the police station in Charlestown on behalf of Patch.com to hear how crime statistics were trending, but what I heard had nothing to do with car theft or assault.

Charlestown residents all brought up how disrespectful and difficult the local teenagers were. One resident commented that the high school should be torn down and replaced with an army recruitment station. Other residents discouraged him from providing journalists with outlandish remarks, but everyone was on the same page in regards to the littering, roughhousing, and the blatant disrespect exhibited by high school students.

Boston Police Capt. Bernard O'Rourke told residents he would add foot patrols to specific areas but that kids will return to locations they had been forced to disperse from. Turns out kids will be kids.

All this talk about disrespectful, unruly youth makes me feel sort of bad about my own days as a teen. *sigh*

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