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Friday, January 18, 2013

Jam Cruise Recap

It’s been a while but there’s much to report. I’d spent 5 days on Jam Cruise 11 reporting daily for Jambase.com and while I was on the boat I had the opportunity to interview Brock Butler from Perpetual Groove. A week later the group went on an indefinite hiatus and my article gives a lot of insight into what led to this decision.

Expect more interviews from the likes of Stanton Moore and John Scofield to come…

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  1. Just read your JamBase review. Given moe. was the headlining show of the cruise, you could have made mention of either of their two main sets, maybe mention the galactic band switch, or the collaboration with Karl D, Joel, and Kyle when on the Pool Deck, or the Mike Dilon dueling vibes with Jim in the Theater...
    Pretty poor showing if you ask me. While the other bands were great, and I loved Femi, Motet, etc, SOME mention of the headlining act of the ENTIRE cruise other than that Al Schneir acoustic turned into a 45 minute acoustic set would have been appropriate!