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Monday, March 7, 2011

Palin's Parents: "We Sleep With Guns."

Photo Credit: Andrew Bruss

Sarah Palin’s parents sleep with guns. Seriously. Sally Heath, mother of the gubernatorial dropout, told the BBC she fears her daughter’s safety and her father Chuck was quoted as saying, “We sleep with guns.”

Apparently their greatest fear came from a man the FBI recently arrested after making death threats and sending the Mama Grizzly photocopies of receipts he received for gun purchases.

Palin’s fears are well founded because truth be told, the security she pays for out of pocket really sucks.

I attended a Tea Party event on the Boston Common last spring as a member of the press. Although I was not registered with any publication, literally showed up last minute, and did not provide any form of identification, I was allowed into the photo pit, positioned between Palin and the crowd, with a backpack that was not searched.

I pride myself on professionalism and would never bring any sort of contraband into an event that would give attendees or security staff any reason to worry. However, this nut cake that was arrested for threatening Palin could have easily lied about being in the media and weaseled his way to the foot of the stage Palin was speaking from. Unverified, backpack-strapped members of the “lamestream media” were closer to the failed VP nominee than her security was.

At the time of the event, I remember thinking, “I might expect this type of lax security from the government but private sector security? You guys can do better.” Maybe Palin’s parents aren’t so crazy for sleeping with guns.

CORRECTION: Although their fears for their daughter’s safety are valid, it is, in fact, fucking crazy for anyone to sleep with guns. 

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