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Friday, March 4, 2011

Iran's Overthrow "Will Be The Bloodiest."

Republicans really hate this guy
George Soros, the billionaire who narrowly escaped the holocaust as a child, has gone on record saying the uprisings throughout the Middle East are about oil revenues. More importantly, Soros predicts that the Iranian Republic will be overthrown in the “bloodiest of revolutions.”

In an interview with the BBC, Soros said the revolts in Libya were partly the result of “revolution against a corruption” fed by the oil revenues Gadhafi and his family have spent on themselves.

"Transparency and even more importantly accountability in the use of natural resources is what you need for people living in those countries to get the benefit of those national resources. Libya produced enormous wealth which Gaddafi took as his own and now the people rebelled against it."

Although putting military support behind the anti-Gadhafi protesters runs a risk of depriving them of “their moment” or giving the Arab world fear of another American invasion of an oil-rich country, Soros feels we should be supporting protesters: "What is happening today in the Middle East is very similar to what happened in the former Soviet Union in 1989-91. But then it was a regime hostile to the West that was destroyed by the revolution," he said. Now it is regimes supported by the West, so the West has to regain the allegiance of the people in those countries by actually supporting the transition to democracy. It's very important that Europe and the US should be in front of the revolution rather than behind it because if they are behind it, they are going to lose the allegiance of the new regimes that are emerging and if they are properly supported they will be democratic regimes and it will be a tremendous improvement."

Given our historical support of violent fascists like Mubarak, it’s fair to assume the new Egyptian government will be less welcoming than its predecessor. However, our sometimes violent opposition to the likes of the Ayatollah and Col. Gadhafi could stand to make us some friends in a very inhospitable part of the world.

Sarah Conner once said, “The future is unwritten.” That fictional survivalist has never been closer to the mark. What we can count on is the Arab world of 2010 being unrecognizable in 2012.

Iranians aren’t Arabs. They’re Persians. The above still applies…

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