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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hamas target killed by Israel… in Sudan

Boms away... allegedly.
I can already tell this is going to be one of those blog posts riddled with the word “allegedly.” If journalism school taught me anything, it’s that the saying anything “allegedly” happened is a solid way to cover your ass and when it comes to Israel’s military apparatus, nothing is ever certain.

A Hamas weapons smugger was killed when his car was struck by a missile in Sudan this week. Reports are coming in that the missile was launched from an aircraft in the Red Sea. Israel is the only regional power with both the means and the will to strike at Hamas from such a distance, and Sudan’s Foreign Minister has already pointed his finger at the Jewish State.

Weapons smuggled into the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip regularly make a journey from Iran to Sudan, at which point they head north into Egypt’s vast desert plains before arriving on Israel’s doorstep.

This isn’t the first time Israel allegedly struck back at Hamas arms smugglers in Sudan. In 2009, unidentified aircraft that numerous intelligence sources suggested belonged to Israel struck a convoy of alleged arms smugglers allegedly delivering rockets to Hamas in Gaza. Reports vary as to whether the aircraft in question was an F-15 or even a UAV, so Israel’s right to deny these allegations are sound.

However, Israel doesn’t repudiate any of these charges. Their Foreign Ministry, Prime Minster, or any other authoritative government voice can always be counted on to “neither confirm nor deny” reports pertaining to overseas operations. This is true for both strikes in Sudan, the Stuxnet Super Cyber Weapon that attacked Iran’s nuclear program, the assassination of Hezbollah honcho Imad Mughniyah, or even the existence of their own nuclear program.

While covering an ADL conference this past Fall, a high ranking Israeli General commented that in his country, “those that know don’t talk, and those that talk don’t know.” Israeli Officials are notoriously tight lipped, but sometimes a wink and a nod can say everything. It is the conclusion of the robust editorial staff at Andrewbruss.com that this operation has Israel’s fingerprints all over it.

*Winks and nods*

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