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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Iranian nuclear power plant delayed due to Stuxnet virus

The launch of Iran's first nuclear power plant is facing a two-month delay. The Chief of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization has blamed the weather, but multiple sources speculate the delay is due to the Stuxnet Virus which has primarily targeted Iranian infrastructure.

Stuxnet is a Windows-specific computer worm that has attacked targets in Iran, Indonesia, and India. Security experts have concluded that the virus was programmed to attack a single target: likely Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Reactor.

Both Israel and the United States have worked to prevent the Islamic Republic from getting their hands on nuclear weapons, and in the past have used sabotage. Faulty parts have "found their way" into the Iranian nuclear program, and Iranian scientists involved in the project have turned up dead. Security experts have concluded that the sophistication of the Stuxnet Virus would take a State-sponsor, and plenty of folks have got their fingers pointed at the CIA and Israel's Mossad.

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